It’s Time for Her to Go I’ve had enough. Arsenal

It’s been a wee while since I have done this, but I have some thing I need to get off my chest, so here I go.

I love my wife, I really do. We have been together over 30 years years now, married coming on 27 years soon. My wife has changed my life, settled me down, got me on the straight and narrow one might say, given me two beautiful sons I am so proud of. We live in a beautiful fine house that we own together. She really has added a touch of class to my life. I love her dearly.

But you know recently, it’s just not the same anymore, dinners not up to scratch, not even on the table when I arrive in from work. She’s got a bit tight with the purse strings too. I left all the money side of things to her as she managed the house affairs so well in the past, it’s just not the same anymore.


Have you ever heard such BOLLOCKS!

Could you imagine if I was really that shallow?

I love my wife, and I will continue to love my wife, hopefully long after the day we both leave this world.

Which brings me to Arsenal.

Many of us out there say we love Arsenal, and I’m sure many do, many more think they do and some appear to be a bit confused in the way they show it.

I liken my relationship with Arsenal to that of a family. Been Irish I am used to the part of my family life that we dont’t get to see one another as often as we would like, or not as the case maybe. I’m also used to the part of family life that members of my family sometimes do things that I don’t agree with. Hell, I’m sure there are times when I have done things that they don’t agree with.

But I don’t recall seeing one banner or seeing any family member marching down the road to tell the world of OUR family problems.

Arsenal, at best, has a love hate relationship with the media, they love to hate us. Why then would any section of our fan base play right into their hands by organising marches (BSM) or unfurling anti-Arsenal banners at football matches, it truly beggars belief. There is no sense to it, none at all.

I know everyone is entitled to their opinion and has the right to voice. Indeed you do, but where is their sense of loyalty gone. They hurl abuse at players that leave the club for been disloyal yet they stay and hurl abuse at the club and it’s players and manager. I fail to see the logic. They expect the club and it’s players to behave in one way yet excuse their own behaviour behind some petty childish spoilt behaviour.

Recently, I came across this quote

‘To play here is an extraordinary privilege. Even when you miss something, when you lose the ball, people don’t boo, people clap. This was my first derby, and it is something truly extraordinary. The fans were red-hot. And that’s what I love: people are aware that you’ve given everything you had in your guts. That’s why I do things I wouldn’t have attempted back in France, because the fans push me, and make you feel that you want to give everything for them. There is at Arsenal – and undoubtedly everywhere else in England – a communion between player and public which doesn’t exist anywhere …

It’s a quote from Thierry Henry take from the wonderful book by Philip Auclair. When I read it, it brought a tear to my eye, not because it showed the real passion Thierry has for Arsenal, but more importantly it reminded me that I WANT MY ARSENAL BACK. That Arsenal, whose fans supported their club through thick and thin, good times and bad times, even when we made mistakes. That’s the Arsenal I want back.

Next time before someone decided to unfurl a banner or protest on a march, I hope they ask themselves is this The Arsenal way, and remember it’s what YOU do that counts. We are not here to purely react other people actions. We have our own set of responsibilities, morals and standards. You may not like Stan Kroenke and that is your right, but please never set your standards on the behaviour of others.

I know it rambles a bit, but it’s early



6 Responses to “It’s Time for Her to Go I’ve had enough. Arsenal”

  1. Edem says:

    It like putting my thoughts on paper…through thick and thin; my allegiance is to my Arsenal!

  2. allan1340 says:

    Very nice article i hope al these fans think twice next times with their action which do not help the team only make them more depress. we have right to criticize them but not abuse them.

  3. David Oleary says:

    Read this with interest. Would you be willing to have a 1-2-1 chat about the BSM etc? Not to convince you, just to talk through what we’re about? Send me an e mail or my own e mail which I have listed on this response.

    … Your shout

  4. David Oleary says:

    Cheers Ray. You know me from my twitter days…

  5. GoonerEll says:

    Agreed with every word. Fine work!

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