Irish Gooner Get Together

This is really something we should do more often.

It’s no big deal but it would be nice to put faces to the names we all interact with via Twitter, Facebook or blogs. Many of us have met up through various get togethers before and have ended up travelling to games together, all in all it’s great craic.

This time around, I’m hoping we could all meet up to watch a game together, maybe in The Mercantile in Dublin.

So Arsenal have two games with late KO’s in October so we are guaranteed TV coverage. First up on the 6th is West Ham United (Fat Sam United as I prefer to call them) and then on the 20th we face the all powerful Canaries (quivering in my boots at the very thought of it.)

Beer will be consumed, songs will be sung and yes we will all slag one another over various previous meet-ups.

So make your choice below and I will keep you all up to date as to the where and the whens.

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