Whatever happened to all the heroes? All the Shakespearoes?

We saw it coming, we really saw it coming, but we felt that maybe, just maybe this time would be different. But no, it is not to be. Robin van Persie led us all a merry dance towards the end of last season. He said all the things we Arsenal fans wanted to hear, how much he loved the club, London, he even stooped so low as to drag his family into his deceit. We heard his mother, father and wife testifying as to how much their boy loved his club and his life.

Last year it was Fabregas and Nasri that consumed us. I guess we all knew Cesc was on hi way to Barcelona, we may have been in denial but we knew it was going to happen. He played the emotional card and we succumbed. Nasri was not really with us long enough for us to care one way or another whether we stayed or went. There was no real emotional attachment, OK he had shown glimpses of what could have been during a brief spell mid-season, but beyond that it was all a bit meh! For sure we hated the manner in which he left, because it came across as pure greed and maybe it was, but the more we observe, the more we learn.

There are no more heroes!

From what we are told today by  David Ornstein from  BBC Sport “The Lying Dutchman” will not travel with the team on the pre-season tour to China and Malaysia, which most of us will take as a sure precursor to his exit. Apparently Arsenal have received offers from Manchester City, Manchester United and Juventus. While it’s good to see there is a lot of interest in one of our players, I think we all know where we would prefer he went (to hell) , but it’s ward to see how Juventus could afford his extravagant wage demands and that probably leaves one of the Manchester teams as favourites to earn the mercenary’s services.

That will be a bitter pill for us all to take and by all I mean ALL including Arsene Wenger, who no doubt will yet again get accused and abused for his failure to “sort it out”.

If only life was that simple.

My feelings have not changed. From the moment he released his statement, he was no longer an Arsenal player and the sooner he left the better. Having said that, I hope this time Arsenal handled things with a bit more poise. van Persie is under contract to us, he was the highest scorer in the Premier League last season and voted Player of The Year  and this time we appear to have a potential bidding war for his services, let’s not rush. Oh yeah and add his name to the list of players expected to play for the ArsenalXI at Borehamwood tomorrow night!

There is one thing I would like to thank “The Lying Dutchman” for before I sign off. I will never and I mean NEVER get a players name on the back of my Arsenal again.

I support the name on the front of the shirt ONLY and I can’t see that changing any time soon.

Robin van Persie………….JOG ON!

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