Poor David Moyes

Alex will NEVER let go


It’s Time for Her to Go I’ve had enough. Arsenal

It’s been a wee while since I have done this, but I have some thing I need to get off my chest, so here I go.

I love my wife, I really do. We have been together over 30 years years now, married coming on 27 years soon. My wife has changed my life, settled me down, got me on the straight and narrow one might say, given me two beautiful sons I am so proud of. We live in a beautiful fine house that we own together. She really has added a touch of class to my life. I love her dearly.

But you know recently, it’s just not the same anymore, dinners not up to scratch, not even on the table when I arrive in from work. She’s got a bit tight with the purse strings too. I left all the money side of things to her as she managed the house affairs so well in the past, it’s just not the same anymore.


Have you ever heard such BOLLOCKS!

Could you imagine if I was really that shallow?

I love my wife, and I will continue to love my wife, hopefully long after the day we both leave this world.

Which brings me to Arsenal.

Many of us out there say we love Arsenal, and I’m sure many do, many more think they do and some appear to be a bit confused in the way they show it.

I liken my relationship with Arsenal to that of a family. Been Irish I am used to the part of my family life that we dont’t get to see one another as often as we would like, or not as the case maybe. I’m also used to the part of family life that members of my family sometimes do things that I don’t agree with. Hell, I’m sure there are times when I have done things that they don’t agree with.

But I don’t recall seeing one banner or seeing any family member marching down the road to tell the world of OUR family problems.

Arsenal, at best, has a love hate relationship with the media, they love to hate us. Why then would any section of our fan base play right into their hands by organising marches (BSM) or unfurling anti-Arsenal banners at football matches, it truly beggars belief. There is no sense to it, none at all.

I know everyone is entitled to their opinion and has the right to voice. Indeed you do, but where is their sense of loyalty gone. They hurl abuse at players that leave the club for been disloyal yet they stay and hurl abuse at the club and it’s players and manager. I fail to see the logic. They expect the club and it’s players to behave in one way yet excuse their own behaviour behind some petty childish spoilt behaviour.

Recently, I came across this quote

‘To play here is an extraordinary privilege. Even when you miss something, when you lose the ball, people don’t boo, people clap. This was my first derby, and it is something truly extraordinary. The fans were red-hot. And that’s what I love: people are aware that you’ve given everything you had in your guts. That’s why I do things I wouldn’t have attempted back in France, because the fans push me, and make you feel that you want to give everything for them. There is at Arsenal – and undoubtedly everywhere else in England – a communion between player and public which doesn’t exist anywhere …

It’s a quote from Thierry Henry take from the wonderful book by Philip Auclair. When I read it, it brought a tear to my eye, not because it showed the real passion Thierry has for Arsenal, but more importantly it reminded me that I WANT MY ARSENAL BACK. That Arsenal, whose fans supported their club through thick and thin, good times and bad times, even when we made mistakes. That’s the Arsenal I want back.

Next time before someone decided to unfurl a banner or protest on a march, I hope they ask themselves is this The Arsenal way, and remember it’s what YOU do that counts. We are not here to purely react other people actions. We have our own set of responsibilities, morals and standards. You may not like Stan Kroenke and that is your right, but please never set your standards on the behaviour of others.

I know it rambles a bit, but it’s early



Irish Gooner Get Together

This is really something we should do more often.

It’s no big deal but it would be nice to put faces to the names we all interact with via Twitter, Facebook or blogs. Many of us have met up through various get togethers before and have ended up travelling to games together, all in all it’s great craic.

This time around, I’m hoping we could all meet up to watch a game together, maybe in The Mercantile in Dublin.

So Arsenal have two games with late KO’s in October so we are guaranteed TV coverage. First up on the 6th is West Ham United (Fat Sam United as I prefer to call them) and then on the 20th we face the all powerful Canaries (quivering in my boots at the very thought of it.)

Beer will be consumed, songs will be sung and yes we will all slag one another over various previous meet-ups.

So make your choice below and I will keep you all up to date as to the where and the whens.

Get voting

Dawn or Dusk

So as we digest the start of the season we along with 18 other clubs
begin to realise the task ahead of us.Whether the expectation relates
to you staying in the Premier League like Swansea or the expectation
relates to being pushing on and entering the holy grail of the top 4,
its all pressure pressure due to riches available,riches leading
to cash and cash leading to better lives for
everyone, players and chairmen alike.

Even professional gamblers with a vested
interest on outcomes of matches or positions.
It’s true to say that everyone has a vested interest in the Premier
League, pubs sell more beer because people go to watch, flat screen TVs fly out of
stores because we all want the biggest bestest screen, mobile network
operators cream themselves at the latest apps that fools like you and
I will download so we can know what ralf van skiddledybop had for
But there is one body of people that benefit more from the Premier
League returning and the period of time that is known as “the window”,
and that is agents,more to the point football agents.
Let me start by saying I don’t have an intimate knowledge of the job or
what they actually do,and like priests I am sure they are all not
bad,but when it comes to Arsenal a particular name seems to crop up in
relation to business, Darren Dein.Darren ,as most of you will know is the son of David Dein, the man who
was instrumental in bringing Arsene Wenger to Arsenal, but Darren is
also the man who has been front and center involved in possibly at
least 6-8 transfers of players out of Arsenal in the last 8 years.
This in itself should ordinarily be not a problem, but as fans we seem
to be split in relation to whether we want the Yank or the Uzbek to
take control.
We keep calling for David Dein to return and apparently he is
aligned with the “Red and White” organization, but surely this, with
his relationship with his son and inside contacts can only be
described as asset stripping or, and I have to be careful here “inside
trading” meaning, if his father is intimately aware of the business of
takeovers and possible takeovers potentially he must be engaged in due
diligence at all times.
Another cause for concern is the higher price he gets for his clients
the higher commission he must receive, his clients include
Henry, Adaybayor, Van Persie, Fabregas, Nasri, all players that have gone
and left for at least 12 million +,which means young Dein has made a
tidy commission on his work.
This would not ordinarily concern anyone, but this is the son of a man
who is covertly or overtly trying to undermine the present board and
Let me say I am no fan or apologist of the current board incumbents
and feel they need to be very clear in their vision for the club and
the fans who have been anguished most by the departures ,but does call
into question what man/fan would wish the grief the club seems to have
to endure every transfer window.
Now young Dein is his own man and certainly I am not saying him and
his father are in any way connected business wise, but it does leave a
nasty taste in the mouth that we might in the near future. after a
possible takeover see David Dein returning in some form of a saviour
I also am fed up of seeing certain groups professing they want certain
individuals out, and certain individuals in ,when this is one of the
most blatantly disturbing aspects of the last 8 years and the present
power struggle at The Emirates
I would be interested to hear what fellow Gooners and especially Irish
Gooners feel about this.
Personally I am not comfortable with the whole Dein returning scenario.Its good to be back
Regards Carl
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Here comes the new boss, same as the old boss. Arsene Wenger v3.0

At times last season a significant minority of the fanbase thought it was time for a new manager. I disagreed with them then and I agree with them now.  Bear with me, there’s a twist.  Since the dark days of August 2011 clubs touted then and now as ‘ambitious’ have changed their manager in search of their ambitious ambition (it’s the word of the month club’s word of the month, folks!). Farewell, Harry Redknapp, welcome to Spurs Andre Villas Boas. Farewell .. loads of suits, welcome to Chelsea Andre Villas, er, di Matteo. Cheerio King Kenny, welcome to Liverpool Brendan Rogers.  Some of these appear to have brought success – well done John T ..  er, Roberto – others are currently performing to gales of laughter in the Udderbelly in Edinburgh.  A new manager comes in, takes a fresh look at the place, establishes a new vision of success, keeps those on board with the new programme, ships out those associated with the failed old regime, brings in those who represent him perfectly on the pitch, spots the ambitious young tyros in the reserves overlooked by the last guy.  So what has happened at the Emirates in the last season?

Let’s imagine Walter Mitty the gooner returning from a long deep sleep and feed him half the information.  From 2006-2011 the manager of Arsenal promoted young and promising talent, indulged them and backed them with his reputation and more money than young players could expect elsewhere, taking them into the Champions’ League year after year.

Since August  2011, a number of high profile highly paid players who had taken the previously very successful club close to titles and cups (well, a cup) but had baulked at the final hurdle each time have been suddenly and unceremoniously given their marching orders or given a ‘break’ on loan.    Captains have been replaced twice within a year when each had wavered from total commitment to the manager and his methods.     In their stead older players, coming to their peak, with proven skills, but with an unrequited appetite to prove themselves with silverware at the very highest level and commitment to the manager and his methods, have been brought in and mixed with the best of the younger.

Wouldn’t Wally say something like, “Well, tough on the last guy, but I’m excited by what this new manager will achieve”?  When he sees that the new guy looks and sounds exactly like the last one he may dream up some theory involving androids secreted in Ivan Gazidis’ warehouse and express the hope that the Wenger 3.0 has ironed out the bugs from the beautifully conceived but imperfect Wenger 2.0.    Seen in this light, rather than a club in turmoil, Arsenal is a club that has managed to replace its manager, Arsene Wenger, with much respected world class manager, Arsene Wenger, without all the fuss and bother of changing the name in the car parking space, pay offs, selling Andy Carrolls that other clubs have to contend with. This is the way Liverpool used to proceed in the 70’s and 80’s and how the red half of Manchester has done for the past 25 years.  Arsene 3.0 is more ruthless, more restless and less indulgent than the old guy, more likely this Saturday to take out his old campaign medals, pin them on the dressing room wall and say, “right, so what are you going to win here, now, this year?”  This one won’t get fooled again.

So, farewell Arsene Wenger and, standing alongside Giroud, Podolski, Cazorla and the other great player that we all know is definitely coming in[1], let’s all say: welcome to The Arsenal, Arsene Wenger!


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[1] I have no idea, obviously

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